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The Art Path – Esjehi Art Gallery

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Art in the Maldives is an ongoing process with existing artistic traditions still
being dominant but open to contemporary cultural influences. The history of visual arts in the Maldives goes back centuries with some of the earliest such works being etchings on coral stones and wood. The establishment of art galleries is a significant step towards encouraging artistic talent by displaying and promoting the works of the country’s artists. The Esjehi Gallery has been set up with this in mind, appropriately occupying one of the oldest structures in Male, a house constructed in 1870 with exquisitely carved door and window panels displaying in full the skill of Maldivian craftsmen. Located in Male, to the east of Sultan Park on Medhu Ziyaarath, the gallery’s first priority is the preservation, promotion and display of traditional and contemporary Maldivian arts and crafts.

The gallery displays an eclectic collection of Maldivian works. Workshops and exhibitions are held to enable local artists to exhibit their works, interact with each other, introduce young artists to various artistic techniques and new ideas and to introduce the Maldivian public to the country’s artists and their different artistic styles. The art works at these exhibitions provide insights into the everyday life in the Maldives, its aquatic heritage and the multi-ethnic background of the country. These exhibitions are wonderful opportunities for art aficionados to purchase art works and meet the artists. Although small in size the gallery plays an important role in seeking out new talented artists, nurturing them to mature artistically and bringing the artists’ work to the attention of the public, in so doing promoting the visual arts in the Maldives.

From arms and legs to two thumbs – how a digital world has replaced the outdoors.

Once upon a time, in an age that existed before the invention of phone apps and tablets – children enjoyed the outdoors. Now it seems, more and more, the adventures that once were had – making mud pies and swinging from trees – have been replaced by adventures in a virtual world.

It’s normal in today’s society to see people, wandering aimlessly, whose faces are lit up by the blue glow of their screens. People walking around like zombies, with their faces nearly meshed into their phones, ignoring the world that is going on around them. What are we teaching our children? Where does the limit between too much phone time and not enough face to face time (for all you Apple geeks) exist? Our children are growing up in a world where it’s acceptable to text a friend or fling a bird across the sky while a person, sitting directly across from you, divulges their thoughts in conversation. I don’t think people hardly even notice it anymore. Over time our children have gone from social activities on the playground – that promoted social development – to screen to screen contact, where the connection between two people only exists somewhere in the ether.

It’s time children get back on the playground equipment, scooters, pogo sticks, and sandboxes, and step away from the screen. They once again need to experience play as it was meant to be – from thumbs to arms and legs

Play stands for Promoting Lifestyle Activity for Youth. What better way to do that than with playground slides, basketball and hopskotch? Or yet play environments that encourage social activity and brain development It’s time for real world communication, where children can actually interact with the universe around them, make friendships that last and develop the belief that the real world offers far more than a virtual world ever could.

Maybe we are on the cusp of a change about to happen. Maybe people will eventually become tired of the phones and the keyboards and travel0 back to a time that was far more primitive. Maybe we’ll see parents and kids enjoying the outdoors again. Maybe we’ll see a stone being skipped across the lake. Maybe outdoor play equipment will become the new local hangout spot, where friends are made and developed. Perhaps, Maybe, just perhaps we’ll get back to the real world again. A life where this reality we dwell in is the only one we have – – and the only one that matters.

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How the Mindset of Daytrading Forex Pairs Works

Psychology is the study of the mind and how it is affected and also how it reacts to daily actions. What forex traders may not know is that a trader’s mindset has a immediate impact on their level of profitability. Here is what you need to know about the psychology of daytrading forex.

The truth is that as a beginner in forex daytrading there is nothing new that you provide in terms of character. All your habits that determine how you react to change and stress are carried over when you start daytrading. In fact, some {daytraders|day traders|traders retain their habits both good or bad even immediately after many year of forex daytrading experience. Understanding your character from the start enhances your staying power in the market and level of profits.

Though not always clear-cut, the mindset of daytrading forex is grouped into two types of traders: action traders and sure thing traders. As you will see shortly, both have beneficial and negatives qualities in them.

The Cowboy day trader (action daytrader while minimizing losses along the journey. In coaching you are taught how to deal with constructive and negative feelings so as not to cloud your judgment.